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July 10, 2020 - Medical Daily

More Than Half Of Turtle And Tortoise Species Face Near Extinction

More Than Half Of Turtle And Tortoise Species Face Near Extinction
Ploughshare TortoiseCredit: Turtle Conservancy

As per a new report, our carapace-carrying friends are in trouble because more than half of all turtle and tortoise species face the threat of extinction.

Turtle And Tortoise Species Face Extinction If you ever visit the island of Madagascar, you’ll see one of the world’s rarest treasures. Locked behind gates, razor-wire fences and 24-hour armed security, there lives a wild population of ploughshare tortoise.

Although not shiny or made out of rare crystals, this group of tortoise are worth roughly $50,000 each on the black market since they’re the last wild population of the rarest tortoise on the planet.

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