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November 12, 2019 - THE VEGAN AUTHORITY

Moby Launches New Project to Help Animals

Moby Launches New Project to Help Animals
Moby, little pineCredit: Moby, Little Pine

Moby - award winning musician, songwriter, singer, author and impassioned animal-rights activist, just launched a new project that will be music to the minds and hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

The Little Pine lifestyle collection is an extension of the animal-loving community he cultivated at his Little Pine vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, with all profits from both going to support animal rights.

Here are a few items from the new Little Pine collection.

Image by: Little Pine Shop (CC BY)

Moby told The Vegan Authority that he considers his new Little Pine range of lifestyle products to be a "strange kind of entrepreneurialism".

"Meaning; I work hard releasing records, running the restaurant, writing books, etc, but I don’t keep a single penny of the profits from any of these things. My belief in trying to create a world wherein animals are not used or harmed by/for humans drives all that I do, and that’s why 100% of the profits from my work, very much including little pine merchandise, goes to support animal rights organizations."

Just in time for the holidays, the Little Pine shop ( features vintage-inspired apparel and accessories, including unisex shirts, sweaters, hats, mugs, a little pine journal, limited art print and more from $12 - $45.

little pine tee, raymond and chip
little pine tee, raymond and chip Image by: Little Pine (CC BY)

The Musician

Many know Moby as an electronica superstar having sold over 20 million records worldwide. His best selling album to date, Play (1999) saw all 17 tracks acquired by TV producers, films, and film-makers. One of his most recognized songs is "Porcelain" from The Beach movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.

His latest albums, long ambients:1 calm. sleep. and long ambients two, the latter released in March 2019, takes the listener on a deep, immersive journey with their soothing tracks which together offer more than seven hours of very quiet music. Moby writes "my hope is that it could actually see someone through an entire night of sleep. My suggestion is to not approach this as music, but to approach it as a sleep aid or tool." [1]

On becoming vegan

Moby is a long time vegan, recently getting a tattoo by Kat von D which simply reads "VEGAN FOR LIFE". "I've been a vegan for almost 32 years, so getting this tattoo seemed a pretty safe bet" he wrote on Instagram.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Moby described the time in his life when he transitioned to veganism. In 1985, 34 years ago, "My reason for becoming a vegetarian was simple: I loved (and love) animals and I don't want to be involved in anything that leads to or contributes to their suffering," he said. Over the next two years, vegetarian evolved to veganism as Moby became aware that, fish "feel pain and are much happier not being hooked or speared or netted" and realized that "commercial dairy and egg farms are pretty miserable" also. [2]

As time passed, his dedication to animal rights activism has steadily grown. "Creating a future wherein animals are allowed to live their lives in peace and according to their own wills is my life's work", Moby said, "a future that involves free and independent animals". [3]

The Animal Activist

But it is animal rights activism that is the paramount force for Moby now.

"We live in a world where veganism - and animal rights is such a tiny part of the way in which people orient themselves towards being alive, and eating - and living, and I know that if humanity survives, at some point we will live in a vegan world, because it just makes sense, in terms of health, in terms of resource allocation, in terms of antibiotic use, in terms of rainforest deforestation, ocean acidification, and most importantly, animals.

"So the world will become vegan, but in the meantime, hundreds of billions of animals are going to suffer and die.

"I feel like I can never do enough, my own life is secondary to my activism." [4]

Moby works for animal rights in countless ways, not least the fact that all the profits from his Little Pine restaurant in Los Angeles, California and his new Little Pine lifestyle collection go to animal rights organizations that he supports.

When asked how veganism can change the way people think about animals, Moby replied that "everybody apart from sociopaths already loves animals.

"My job as an animal activist is trying to get people to make the synaptic, neurological connection and to realize that if you love your dog and you wouldn’t want your dog to suffer, it’s unfortunately inconsistent to then contribute to the suffering of other animals. I don't know a single person who would be capable of killing a baby cow, or strangling a chicken, or disemboweling a rabbit, or bludgeoning a sheep to death. Every person I know is horrified [at the] thought of these things happening. But they all eat meat and wear fur. It's getting people in a non-judgmental, non-didactic way to live more consistently with the beliefs they already have." [5]

Staff at Little Pine Restaurant

Staff at Little Pine Restaurant Image by: Moby, Little Pine (CC BY)

The name Little Pine

When The Vegan Authority asked Moby why the name Little Pine his very humble and unassuming answer was simply; "I like little things and I like pine trees".

The Little Pine shop where every purchase helps animals, opens today.


Moby Image by: Moby, Little Pine (CC BY)

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