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April 12, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Millions of pigs will be slaughtered or die from swine fever in China

Millions of pigs will be slaughtered or die from swine fever in China
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Up to 200 million pigs could be killed or die from being infected as African swine fever spreads through China, Rabobank reports.

That could amount to over half of the pigs being raised as food in China, which Rabobank says stood at 360 million animals late last year, and comes as many in the industry say the spread of swine fever there is much worse than authorities have reported.

As the world's largest producer of pig flesh, China said that it has already "culled" 1.01 million pigs to control the disease. Culled is an industry term for selective slaughter.

Since August of last year, China has reported 124 outbreaks, with the virus having reached every province apart from the southern island of Hainan and continuing to spread.

Ma Chuang, deputy secretary general with Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine is concerned that:

“The global market won’t have enough pork to supply China.
"The deficit won’t be filled even with poultry or other meats.
"African swine fever may prompt a dietary shift to alternative protein-rich foods, such as eggs and dairy", Ma goes on to state.

Why not consider a dietary shift to plant-based foods and end the cruelty to the millions of enslaved pigs and other sentient animals.


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