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May 15, 2019 - Daily Mail Online

Meet the longtime vegan behind Impossible Foods' meatless burger

Meet the longtime vegan behind Impossible Foods' meatless burger
Pat Brown, CEO and Founder, Impossible FoodsFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Pat Brown is the 64-year-old CEO of Impossible Foods - a Silicon Valley startup that is already estimated to be worth $2 billion and is now backed by the likes of Serena Williams, Katy Perry, Bill Gates and Google.

But despite the steady stream of funding from investors and the unprecedented demand for his products, Brown's life outside Impossible Foods doesn't appear to have changed all that much in the past eight years.

The longtime vegan and father-of-three still lives in his modest home with his scientist wife Sue Klapholz - who also has a key role in the startup - on the Stanford University campus where he used to work.

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