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June 30, 2020 - Brisbane Times

Macron to urge French to eat less cheese, meat for the environment

Macron to urge French to eat less cheese, meat for the environment
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Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron, reeling from a humiliating wave of Green local election victories over the weekend, has embraced an unusual strategy to win back popularity: suggesting the French eat less cheese, among other proposals.

The President backed a series of proposals from an environmental citizens' panel on Monday, Paris time, including that the French should cut their cheese and meat consumption by 20 per cent.

The citizens' group that he convened earlier this year in response to criticism that he wasn't doing enough to battle climate change gave him a list of climate proposals, including recommendations on fighting CO2 emissions by weening the French off solo car rides and proposing alternatives such as electric cars, as well as capping the harmful effects of air travel. Travel produces 30 per cent of greenhouse gases in France.

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