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December 12, 2019 - EATER

London's Essential Vegan Restaurants

London's Essential Vegan Restaurants
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Including South Indian, French fine-dining, Japanese bento, cheeseburgers - and more

It has been claimed that veganism went mainstream in 2018, but for many cultures - in London and globally - it has been the dominant dietary preference for a long time. While the West has a tendency to focus on a white wellness narrative around 'plant-based' eating, which erases many established food cultures and overlooks a vast array of ingredients and dishes, it's true that vegan dishes have taken up more space on London's restaurant menus in the past 18 months. In response to social, political, and ethical shifts, there is a growing movement, a collective consciousness, to eat less animal products to assist health, the environment, and, of course, animals. Here are some of the best places to eat vegan food in London.

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