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July 15, 2018 - The Guardian

Like trees in a forest, humans share a root system

Like trees in a forest, humans share a root system
Mother and child refugeeFile Photo / © Photabulous!

If you’re worried about the future of humanity, then take heart from Mark Nepo’s reflections on an aspen grove. Aspen trees are lanky, and their bark stretches like ribbons into the sky. As we wander through the grove, says Nepo, we will see individual, separate, tall trees. But what we won’t know as we look at them is that, below ground, they are all connected: linked by the same extensive, interdependent root system. 

In an age that sometimes seems dominated by human difference, and at a time when we’re increasingly aware of the pulling up of drawbridges, what’s visible isn’t the whole story. “On the surface we seem different, and of course each individual human being is unique; but underneath we share the same root system.” 

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