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September 04, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Lewis Hamilton's Neat Burgers sell out due to high demand

Lewis Hamilton's Neat Burgers sell out due to high demand
Credit: Neat Burger

"1500 burgers eaten within 2 hours! Don't worry there's a lot more where that came from, see you all tomorrow!" was the message posted on social media after selling out on their first day.

Five-time F1 world champion Hamilton launched the plant-based Neat Burger chain together with hospitality organization, The Cream Group and Beyond Meat investor Tommaso Chiabra on Septebmer 2 in London.

"Neat Burger promises to transform the way people see plant-based food by appealing not only to those who follow plant-based diets, but any individuals - meat-eaters included - who want delicious, meat-free dishes that are more sustainable, healthier and ethical," the brand told iNews.

The team has ambitious plans for the international vegan burger chain to expand the concept globally with 14 franchises planned in the next 2 years and hope to open at least 100 more within the next few years.

Hamilton, a vegan since 2017, after he watched the vegan documentary "What the Health", and who was named PETA UK's 2018 "person of the year", has long spoken out about the environment and sustainable eating.

"I'm very passionate about being kinder to our world and also really respect Neat Burger's commitment to more ethical practices and supporting small businesses, so this is something I'm also really proud to support," Hamilton said in a statement prior to opening.

"As someone who follows a plant-based diet, I believe we need a healthier high street option that tastes amazing but also offers something exciting to those who want to be meat-free every now and again," Hamilton continued.

The new burger chain is also looking to be eco-conscious. "The meat industry is the biggest contributor to greenhouse emissions and its environmental impact is no longer sustainable together with the growth of population. Neat Burger aims to disrupt the non-sustainable food industry and become a force for good," Tommaso Chiabra said.

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