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May 26, 2019 - The Washington Post

José Andrés wants Americans to eat more vegetables — and learn how to cook them

José Andrés wants Americans to eat more vegetables — and learn how to cook them
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If you’ve paid attention to the career of chef José Andrés over the past few years — and who hasn’t? — you shouldn’t find it surprising that his latest cookbook, “Vegetables Unleashed,” is an ode to plant-based cooking, or, as co-author Matt Goulding told me, “a song of José, sung in the key of vegetables.”

Even though he’s from the land of jamón (and has done much to promote it in the States), Andrés years ago started talking up the idea that vegetables are “sexy” and worth moving to the center of the plate.

The richest country in the history of mankind today has places where American citizens don’t have easy access to simple and humble fruits and vegetables. How did we create this system where a pound of ground meat is cheaper than broccoli and cauliflower?

VA: In his book, "Vegetables Unleashed" José Andrés notes that 42 percent of Americans don’t regularly eat vegetables. The average American eats 186 pounds of vegetables a year yet 279 pounds of meat.

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