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Animal Rights

August 01, 2020 - The Jerusalem Post

ISRAEL: Animal rights activists demand release of injured turkeys from farm

ISRAEL: Animal rights activists demand release of injured turkeys from farm
Turkey on FarmFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Animal rights activists gathered on Friday morning outside of a turkey farm in Kibbutz Hatzor Ashdod and demanded that injured animals which were harmed due to the conditions of the coop be released to rescue farms.

The animals rights organization stated that industrialized farms are a breeding ground for the development and spread of viruses and bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics. Pandemics such as coronavirus are "an expected result of how people raise food, trade and consume animals, and change their environments," according to a recent report by the United Nations.

The activists, keeping social distancing regulations during their protest, intended to expose the abuse of turkeys in the turkey industry, in particular in Israel, which holds the world record for turkey consumption per capita (6.5 kilograms of turkey per person on average).

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