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August 19, 2019 - National Post

Is it immoral to have babies in the era of climate change?

Is it immoral to have babies in the era of climate change?
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“Two children, maximum!” the Duke of Sussex vowed in his interview with famed primatologist Jane Goodall.

As the United Nations warns of a “climate apartheid,” as humankind faces the threatened prospect of irreversible and catastrophic environmental destruction, philosophers and ethicists are arguing that humans have a moral obligation to drastically limit our procreation, ideally to zero children, but a maximum of one, maybe two.

No other human action — not driving less or living car free, not taking fewer transatlantic flights or eating less meat — is as effective in reducing one’s carbon footprint as limiting one’s family size, academic philosopher Trevor Hedberg argued earlier this year in a special issue of the journal Essays in Philosophy devoted to the topic, “Is Procreation Immoral?”

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