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May 23, 2019 - Global News

Is access to vegan food a human rights issue? Experts weigh in

Is access to vegan food a human rights issue? Experts weigh in
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An Ontario [Canada] firefighter says his rights were violated after his employer refused to provide sufficient vegan food while he was battling forest fires in B.C. in 2017.

“An ethical vegan or vegetarian are examples of beliefs that could be equivalent to a religion,” said Bruce Ryder, a law professor at York University. “It’s about an ethical worldview, not just a diet.”

“Mr. Knauff is an ethical vegan — it’s fundamental to who he is and his way of being in the world. So to not have his practice accommodated is similar to a religious person, the need to pray not being accommodated at the workplace.”

He said the human rights case centres on whether veganism is a form of creed and whether ethical veganism falls into the category “non-religious beliefs.”

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