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January 11, 2021 - Food Business News

Is 2021 the year of vegan baking?

Is 2021 the year of vegan baking?
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NEW YORK — Already a lively subculture, WGSN expects the audience for vegan baking to continue growing in 2021, fueled by concerns about animal welfare, environmental issues and better ingredients.

The Ascential-owned trend forecasting company examined data from social media and online retail sales and found social media conversations around baking increased 12% in 2020. Conversations around vegan baking jumped 35%.

“So many more people started baking in general because of pandemic lockdowns and wanting to bring comfort into their lives,” said Kara Nielsen, director of WGSN’s food and beverage platform. “There have been a lot of reasons why this was a great year to look at vegan baking.”

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