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April 06, 2020 - Blue and Green Tomorrow

Infographic: Environmental Impact Of Plant Based Diets

Infographic: Environmental Impact Of Plant Based Diets
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We all make choices every day about how we want to live. For many of us, giving up single use plastic is a big step toward living in a greener, cleaner world. Driving electric cars, taking public transportation, riding our bikes more, and walking whenever possible are also great ways to cut down on our carbon footprints.

By now we’ve all changed our light bulbs to be more energy efficient, learned to take our coffee cups with us to the coffee shop, and compost as much of our food and yard waste as we can. But did you know that even cutting back on eating animal products just a little bit can have a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions? American diets, which are heavy on meat and other animal products, are resource hogs linked to higher greenhouse emissions. Eating meat at every meal is just not necessary, and the production of meat in factory farms is intensive on water and animal feed while also creating a problem with excess production of animal waste. Meat, eggs, and dairy are responsible for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

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