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October 05, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

INDIA: Tripura's High Court bans animal sacrifice, a 5 century old practise

INDIA: Tripura's High Court bans animal sacrifice, a 5 century old practise
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For the first time in 525 years there is to be no sacrifice of animals during Durga Puja in the famous Durga Bari temple as the Tripura High Court (HC) has banned the centuries-old tradition of animal sacrifice in religious places. 

Animal sacrifice has been happening for at least 500 years in Tripura, a northeastern state in India. The two major sites are the Tripureswari Devi temple in Udaipur, and the Chaturdash Devta temple in Agartala. Both temples were founded by the Manikyas, Tripura's ruling dynasty from the late 13th century until September 9, 1949.

The HC's decision on September 27, banned the sacrifice of animals and birds in temples of the state, and directed the government to sensitise people about constitutional values and the importance of love, humanism, and compassion towards all animals and birds."

The court ruled that the tradition of sacrificing animals "lacks the essence of economic, commercial, political or secular character" and cannot be protected under the Constitution. Also, the religious practise of animal sacrifice in a temple cannot override provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

"Former union minister and BJP MP Maneka Gandhi, who is also the chairperson of the People For Animals and a well-known animal rights activist, earlier in a letter to the District Magistrates of Tripura had asked them to stop the "cruel killing of animals in the temples" during religious festivities."

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