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June 07, 2019 - Current Affairs

Improving The Animal Welfare Movement's Image

Improving The Animal Welfare Movement's Image
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On Saturday, a protester went on stage at a Democratic candidates’ forum and seized the microphone from Kamala Harris. He didn’t get to say much. He announced that he was “asking for your attention to a much bigger idea than—” before the microphone was cut. But on the protester’s shirt was the message “Join The Animal Rights Movement”—he turned out to be a member of Direct Action Everywhere, trying to draw attention to factory farming and the prosecution of animal welfare activists.

It was not an effective way to spread the message. It looks horrible to have a white man—one with a man bun, no less—interrupting black women and prioritizing his issue over theirs (they were talking about the gender pay gap). It reinforced a popular stereotype of animal rights activists as somewhat fringey and shrill.

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