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June 01, 2019 - Web MD

Impossible? New Veggie Burgers Make a Run at Beef

Impossible? New Veggie Burgers Make a Run at Beef
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If you’re already a strict vegetarian or vegan, these burgers might not be for you.

They replicate meat so closely in taste and texture -- they even “bleed,” thanks to innovative ingredients such as beets in Beyond Meat -- that folks who shun animal products may find them too close to the real thing. But, for red meat lovers looking to cut their consumption, plant-based meat can be life-changing. When it comes to your health, mock-meat burgers do have an advantage over beef.

How Faux-Meat Burgers Compare Nutritionally

They won’t save you much in the way of calories, fat, or even saturated fat, but because they’re plant-based (Beyond Meat’s products use pea protein, while Impossible Foods’ use soy and potato protein), they provide healthy fiber and eliminate the heart-clogging cholesterol found in animal products.

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