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September 03, 2019 - PsychCentral

Implicit Bias Toward Non-Human Animals: Examining Our Own Speciesism

Implicit Bias Toward Non-Human Animals: Examining Our Own Speciesism
Credit: Hong Feng

It can be hard for humans to see their connection to other animals – or even like seeing themselves as animals at all!

Nonetheless, we are animals, just like all the other sentient creatures we share the planet with, like it or not. It is also the case that humans don’t always have mercy for other humans, let alone non-human animals.

However, the status of other animals is so low in human culture and thought, our indoctrination to their invisibility that allows for their extreme exploitation and suffering so pervasive, our collective empathy toward them so dampened, many people cannot see their implicit biases against them or their inherent worth at all – even in relation to their significant impact on human health and well-being.

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