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Animal Rights

October 26, 2020 - Psychology Today

Impersonating Animals: Speciesism, Rhetoric, and Ecofeminism

Impersonating Animals: Speciesism, Rhetoric, and Ecofeminism
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I recently learned of the work of Florida Atlantic University's Dr. S. Marek Muller and her seminal new book Impersonating Animals: Rhetoric, Ecofeminism, and Animal Rights Law.

The book's focus on human-nonhuman interactions—how we communicate about nonhuman beings necessarily affects relationships across species boundaries and among people—resonated with a good number of my own interests and those of many others who study nonhuman animal-human relationships.

I was pleased Dr. Muller could take the time to answer a few questions about her wide-ranging work. Why did you write Impersonating Animals? The short answer is that I wrote my dissertation on animal rights, rhetoric, and law during my PhD in Communication and wanted to make something “real” come out of all that hard work. The longer answer, though, is that the book is sort of my attempt at a “manifesto” on animal rights.

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