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June 21, 2019 - TreeHugger

I tried eating like Leonardo da Vinci

I tried eating like Leonardo da Vinci
Leonadro da VinciFile Photo / © Photabulous!

So, Leonardo da Vinci was, you know, pretty interesting – but by most accounts, he was also a vegetarian.

What would a 15th-century vegetarian diet in Italy have looked like? Well, as librarian extraordinaire Leonard Beck told The New York Times a few decades ago, that answer could be found in the 1487 edition of De Honesta Voluptate, a collection of recipes written by Bartolomeo Platina and generally considered the first cookbook. Since I do not have a copy of that book, and I sadly can not translate Latin, I am lucky to have a copy of the next best thing: Famous Vegetarians and their Favorite Recipes: Lives and Lore from Buddha to the Beatles.

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