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February 03, 2019 - AZcentral

Hundreds of protesters gather to call for change at Dolphinaris

Hundreds of protesters gather to call for change at Dolphinaris
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After the fourth dolphin died at Dolphinaris Arizona in the last sixteen months, more than 200 people gathered Saturday morning to protest the attraction and push for change.

"Dolphins are sentient beings. They shouldn't be interacting with people. They should be swimming for hundreds of miles free in the ocean. This is just wrong," Acevedo said.

"I'm trying to shut down Dolphinaris and give animals more rights than they have now. They're not just things to be toyed with," Seay said. "Don't put dolphins in the desert! It's just not right."

VA: Dolphinaris keeps dolphins in captivity in viewing tanks & open-air pools where visitors can swim with them. The companies facility is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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