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January 12, 2021 - One Green Planet

How Does Eating Meat Impact Your Water Footprint?

How Does Eating Meat Impact Your Water Footprint?
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You care about the world’s precious water resources: you turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth and you definitely don’t take twenty-minute long showers. While these acts, along with the use of appliances that save water like toilets and showerheads, are fantastic ways to conserve water … if you really want to make a difference with water conservation, then there is a bigger piece of the puzzle to consider.

Every food and beverage product we consume: from soda to pineapples to cheese crackers and pork chops, etc. requires water for its production. Obviously, fruits and veggies need water. That’s a given, but surprisingly, there is another group of foods that is the biggest water guzzler of them all and that is animal products. Meat, dairy, and eggs require more water to “produce” than any other food out there.

So exactly how does eating these products increase your water footprint? Here’s the scoop!

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