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May 29, 2020 - PETA

Here's Why Cottage Cheese Is the Grossest

Here's Why Cottage Cheese Is the Grossest
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It’s essentially coagulated breast milk from imprisoned cows who are forcibly impregnated and whose babies are taken away from them.

A mother cow would normally breastfeed her baby for about a year after birth, a time when strong mother-child bonds form. When cows are used for their milk, this process never occurs. Mother cows will never see their babies again after they’re taken from them.

Rennet, an enzyme that comes from calves’ stomach lining, is sometimes used to make cow’s milk congeal into a lumpy, yellowy mixture of curds and whey. This often comes from male calves who are slaughtered for veal when they’re only 18 to 20 weeks old.

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