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February 03, 2019 - Bangkok Post

Hedging against Bangkok's PM2.5 pollution crisis

Hedging against Bangkok's PM2.5 pollution crisis
Bhengal Trumpet VineFile Photo / © Photabulous!

For visitors, stepping into "Lan Mai Thai", a small tree shop operated by Manee Siripalika in Min Buri district near Chatuchak 2 Market, is like walking into an oasis. "It really all comes down to the surface of the leaves. Leaves with a rough surface and many hairs will be better at trapping dust, while leaves with smooth surfaces won't have as much ability to trap...

VA: Thunbergia grandiflora with the common name, Bhengal Trumpet Vine, is native to China, India, Nepal, Indochina and Burma. Rubber plants, Philodendron, Boston Fern and Peace Lily are other plants that are good for air purification. The Rubber plant is known to also remove airborne toxins.

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