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January 12, 2021 - The Daily Star (UK)

Half of plant based dieters identify as 'vegansexuals' and won't date meat-eaters

Half of plant based dieters identify as 'vegansexuals' and won't date meat-eaters
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According to new research over half (53%) of British vegans identify as Vegansexuals - someone who only dates other vegans.

With more than 1million people in the UK now taking up a plant-based lifestyle - with many inspired by Veganuary - British relationships are facing a whole new challenge when it comes to dietary compatibility.

New research by Subway has looked at the tensions that food choices can create in relationships and how much of a romantic deal-breaker it really is.

As well as 53% refusing to date anyone who isn't vegan, the data found an additional 40% admitted to avoiding social events or dinner parties with carnivorous friends.

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