vegan news anti-speciest news animal rights news
vegan news anti-speciest news animal rights news

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  1. Cyprus activists: Hunters' lead pellets threaten flamingos
  2. Global farmland could be reduced by 75% without meat and dairy consumption
  3. Russia Reports First Cases Of Bird Flu In Humans
  4. Live export ships stranded at sea reignites concerns about the trade
  5. Mallard 'massacre' as 100 ducks shot 'for fun' and left to die along banks of River Hull
  6. Fish poop helps remove 1.65 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere
  7. USA: All Vegan Food Bank Opens To Offer Healthy, Plant-Based Food To Those In Need
  8. How does it feel to be a bee? The quest to understand animal sentience
  9. Dolphin personalities have some similar traits to humans, study finds
  10. The real life horror story of Dorothy, a monkey used for breeding and experiments

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Most Read - Last 30 Days

  1. 97% of people turning vegan for January influenced by someone else
  2. PETA Offers €298,000 in Bid to End the Running of the Bulls
  3. EU revealed to be world's biggest live animal exporter
  4. Animal rights in China: ‘pets by post’ scheme sparks outrage among advocacy groups
  5. Cyprus activists: Hunters' lead pellets threaten flamingos
  6. Pulses: More than just a meat alternative
  7. Plant-based diets crucial to saving global wildlife, says report
  8. USA: Bill to outlaw bear hunting in California withdrawn by lawmaker, after online campaign
  9. Study Warns Emissions Cuts Must Be 80% More Ambitious to Meet Even the Dangerously Inadequate 2°C Target
  10. Bill Gates: Rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef

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