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March 15, 2019 - New Republic

Why animal rights is the next frontier for the left

Why animal rights is the next frontier for the left
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Every year in the United States, humans bring about 8.5 billion chickens, 33 million cows, and 112 million pigs into the world for the sole purpose of killing them and serving them on a plate. To most Americans this is a non-issue.

As the left hardens its commitment to fighting climate change, social injustice, and rampant capitalism, the question of what to do about animals will become inescapable. 

Taking the complaints of animal-rights groups seriously would mean confronting our own participation in an agricultural system that not only kills and tortures animals on a massive scale, but also contributes to human suffering. Making fun of these groups, Burton argued, is “a way of changing the subject and of keeping away the creeping feeling that you just might be on the wrong side of history.” 

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