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September 01, 2019 - The Global and Mail

Going bananas: Is the fruit we know and love going extinct?

Going bananas: Is the fruit we know and love going extinct?
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It might shock you to learn that the world is slowly running out of bananas. And they may not remain so ubiquitous – or, if they do, they won’t be nearly as cheap.

After years of dread, the banana-killing fungus Fusarium TR4 – also known as Panama disease, and which has already been detected in the Middle East, Asia and Australia – reportedly reached Latin America for the first time. Colombia discovered its first case in early August. Ecuador could be next. Fusarium TR4 spreads through human activity, on clothing and on footwear, and can remain dormant in soil for decades. It can metastasize among banana crops at an explosive rate of about 100 kilometres a year.

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