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September 11, 2020 - Brisbane Times

Freeze your late pet? Go on.

Freeze your late pet? Go on.
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Decades ago, when the family border collie was killed by a car, my four-year-old refused to accept that poor Badger would never be seen again. “Let’s make him into a mat!” she chirped.

Back then, if you really wanted to keep a pet beyond its mortal span, you took it to a taxidermist, who – through a process no sane person would want to hear about – transformed it into a “permanent keepsake”. Oddball today: after he died five years ago, his owner had him preserved.

Not many people did this for the same reason very few border collies got made into mats: most of us felt that hanging out with dead things was seriously creepy.

Now there’s a new option for grieving animal lovers who (to use the phrase favoured by the pet industry) “just can’t let go” of expired friends – freeze-drying.

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