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August 21, 2019 - Medical News Bulletin

Four things to know before you go vegan

Four things to know before you go vegan
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The vegan diet has become popular for environmental, ethical, and health-related reasons.

  1. The vegan diet can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Phytochemicals are antioxidant in foods such as fruits and vegetables, and legumes contain nutrients that can protect against different cancers.
  3. Eating a vegan diet high in alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, tofu, tahini, and orange and apple juices) will provide the body with a lot of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K, allowing healthy calcium levels and healthy bones.
  4. Vegans can supplement B12 or take vegan algae fatty acid supplements that will allow them to get EPA and DHA if needed.

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