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May 31, 2020 - Financial Express

For a Moment of Taste: It’s vegan evangelism, targeted at consumers

For a Moment of Taste: It’s vegan evangelism, targeted at consumers
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Poorva Joshipura’s For a Moment of Taste would have made a stronger case for veganism if it weren’t as gospel-like as it is. As in, there are facts weaved into what is largely hagiography intended to prop a following. It was Jesus then, it is veganism now. The message is loud, if not always clear: Veganism saves. The animals that would otherwise die. The planet. Primarily, you.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to mock faith or veganism. Neither the gospels, nor Joshipura’s book. One just wishes there was at least an attempt to engage with complexities in the telling. For Joshipura’s book, it would have meant looking at meat-eating (term used here generically to denote non-vegan diets, including dairy-featuring ones) from the prisms of diet and culture, access to food resources, livelihoods, etc. Instead, meat-eating is largely reduced to a matter of taste in the book while the reader is sermonised about its evils.

On the other hand, there is shockingly little awareness of the toll non-vegan diets take on the planet in terms of lost forests, greenhouse gas emissions, health outcomes, etc, and this is where the strength of For a Moment… could have been, given that there is a glut of research that underscores the environmental and health benefits of plant-based diets.

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