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March 24, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

For a healthier planet, eat these 50 plant-based foods

For a healthier planet, eat these 50 plant-based foods
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A recent conference in Paris saw the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Knorr foods team up to launch their campaign encouraging us to eat a more diversified plant-based diet in order to reverse habitat loss and species collapse.

According to the report, entitled "50 Foods for healthier people and a healthy planet" just three crops — wheat, corn and rice — make up nearly 60 percent of the plant-based calories in most diets around the world.

"The lack of variety in agriculture is both bad for nature and a threat to food security", the report says. It argues that it's essential we change our eating habits to protect the planet and ensure we are able to feed the growing global population.

David Edwards of the WWF says that there has been a 60 percent decline in wildlife populations since 1970, and that working to protect animals is no longer enough to save them.

"We have to address the drivers of habitat loss and species collapse," says Edwards. "And the biggest driver is global farming."

The campaign's list of 50 future foods were selected for their high nutritional value, low environmental impact, flavor, accessibility and affordability. Besides grains like amaranth, they include, beans and pulses, nuts, tubers such as lotus root and yams, mushrooms, algae and cacti.

In fact, all of the 50 foods recommended are vegan, including:

  • 13 cereals, grains and tubors
  • 12 beans, legumes and sprouts
  • 18 vegetables
  • 3 mushrooms, and
  • 4 nuts and seeds.

Read the full report, Future 50 Foods.


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