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April 08, 2020 - Well And Good

11 fail-proof gardening tips for beginners, according to plant professionals

11 fail-proof gardening tips for beginners, according to plant professionals
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Having houseplants throughout your house or apartment is downright dreamy and oh so lush, but having your own garden? That’s next level. But if you haven’t had a garden before, it can bring on a slew of questions and leave you thumbing around for gardening tips for beginners. For one, where can you put a garden? Secondly, what types of plants and veggies should you harvest? And most importantly, especially for those who’ve killed a plant (or seven) in the past, how do you keep them alive and well?

Below, a few plant pros spill gardening tips for beginners that will set you up for blooming success. Like with most skills, however, gardening takes practice, patience, and a hefty dose of love for the craft. So stick with it even if there are a few casualties along the way. Being a plant parent is worth it.

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