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June 02, 2019 - Outside Online

Fitness Trips from a Vegan Pro Surfer

Fitness Trips from a Vegan Pro Surfer
Credit: Tia Blanco - FacebookFile Photo / © Photabulous!

For professional surfer and vegan athlete Tia Blanco, the key to performing at a high level is keeping her diet and workouts balanced.

Today, Blanco lives in Southern California, where the pro surfer is training for the 2019 Pan Am Games, at which she’ll represent Puerto Rico, the island where she was born 22 years ago. To surf at that level, Blanco trains or surfs every day, which isn’t all that unusual for a pro athlete. What is unusual is that she’s a vegan. Thanks to the influence of her vegetarian mom, Blanco has never eaten red meat in her life—and six years ago she (and her entire family) went vegan.

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