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January 17, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Fear and loathing in the UK dairy industry

Fear and loathing in the UK dairy industry
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Dairy industry leaders raised alarm bells over the "threats to the global milk industry from the rise in veganism and animal welfare activism" at the Semex dairy conference in Glasgow this week.

Zero tolerance” of the animal rights movement, was what Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) called for in her address .

"A-listers, boxers, rappers and musicians had “normalised” veganism and made it exciting", were the words of warning from global giant Arla’s new UK managing director, Ash Amirahmadi. 

“The dangerous thing they’ve done is that they’ve cast doubt on our industry,” he said. 

“They’ve consistently put a question mark about the meat and dairy industries in consumers’ minds, and they’re not going to stop because they really believe they’re on to something.” 

He further went on to warn the industry to be ready for the next wave of investigation, dairy farming's use of antibiotics. 

“We haven’t yet been exposed on antibiotics and we could be – it could be the next one coming down the line,” Mr Amirahmadi elaborated further.

"By 2021, the UK milk alternative sector is predicted to rise 43%" according to data released from Informa's Agribusiness Intelligence due to rising trends in veganism, and those just embracing plant-based foods. UK plant milk sales totalled $280 million in 2016 - and are expected to rise to $400 million by 2021. 

By comparison, over the same period, dairy milk sales are predicted to see a rise of just 5.2 percent. 

Informa says these industry changes have been inspired by concerns around 'health, animal welfare, and the environmental impact' of eating animal foods.


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