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July 18, 2020 - France 24

Faroes whaling season opens despite virus cases

Faroes whaling season opens despite virus cases
Pilot whales and White-sided Dolphins being murdered at Faroe IslandsCredit: Blue Planet Society - Facebook

After it appeared the coronavirus might prevent it from going ahead, and against a backdrop of outrage from environmentalists, the Faroe Islands' whaling tradition began this week with the killing of some 300 mammals.

The ancient grindadrap (slaughter), which began more than 1,000 years ago, is a cultural mainstay of the archipelago, an autonomous Danish territory in the North Atlantic islands -- where whale meat is a dietary staple.

But activists have long condemned the practice and environmental NGO Sea Shepherd did so again after some 250 long-finned pilot whales and some Atlantic white-sided dolphins were killed Wednesday off Hvalba, a village on the southernmost island of Suduroy.

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