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August 12, 2020 - Sea Shepherd UK

FAROE ISLANDS: The Grindadráp hunts in Numbers

FAROE ISLANDS: The Grindadráp hunts in Numbers
Sea of red at Faroe Island massacreCredit: Dolphin Project

The horrifying statistics of the Grindadráp dolphin hunts.

Many pro-grindadráp articles share a common feature in that they completely fail to mention the Faroese drive hunts of other small cetaceans. The Faroese kill long finned pilot whales and four other Appendix II species: Atlantic white-sided dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and the even rarer Northern bottlenose whales.

The statistics are grim, especially for such a small archipelago with a population of just 52,000 persons. Notably, in 2013 (the last year in which there was not a Sea Shepherd campaign in the Faroe Islands), the Faroese killed 1104 pilot whales, and on the 13th August they massacred every member of a pod of 430 Atlantic white-sided dolphins at Hvalba on the southern island of Suduroy.

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