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July 14, 2020 - The Korean Herald

Fake meat no more faux pas in Korea

Fake meat no more faux pas in Korea
Vegan plant-based burger with kimchiCredit: Beyond Meat

Local market for meat analogue at nascent stage, but shows great potential for growth. “There are not many, but still some decent fake meat products that are plant-based and taste good, really similar to meat,” Kim, 33, told The Korea Herald.

“I’m not vegan, but I have vegan meals and buy meat analogues once in a while because my stomach feels more at ease having such meals.”

According to the Korea Vegetarian Union, there are about 500,000 strict vegans in South Korea, and about 1.5 million who pursue similar diets -- not a big target market for companies to easily start a new business on.

But the number of “flexitarians” or semi-vegans who occasionally pursue a plant-based diet, like Kim, is growing, and the figure could go up to 10 million when accounting for them, the union said.

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