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August 08, 2020 - Factory Farm Collective

Exporting Cruelty: Canada’s Live Animal Export Trade

Exporting Cruelty: Canada’s Live Animal Export Trade
PIgs in live exportCredit: Factory Farm Collective

Earlier this year, the Guardian examined the global live export trade and found that, based on 2017 FAO data, Canada was the 3rd top exporter of farmed animals in the world.

While campaigns to ban live exports exist in many countries, Canada quietly exports tens of millions of live animals unbeknownst to most of the Canadian public. Canada can claim yet another reprehensible title in its failure to protect the welfare of animals: global leader in live animal exports.

Like factory farms, transport trucks, and slaughterhouses, animal export in Canada is a disturbing reality that the livestock sector and other unscrupulous animal-use industries prefer to keep hidden from the public. While industry groups are eager to show the public images of healthy farmed animals in green grass, they opt not to show or mention the millions of animals that are taken from farms or hatcheries, loaded onto transport trucks, sea carriers, and cargo planes, and then shipped abroad in tortuous journeys to over 70 countries, only to reach their destinations to be slaughtered, used for breeding, sold for meat, or exploited in other ways – if they survive the journeys.

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