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January 09, 2021 - The Indian EXPRESS

Explained: Amid the bird flu in India, a look at how poultry animals are culled

Explained: Amid the bird flu in India, a look at how poultry animals are culled
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After culling of ducks and chickens in Kerala, the Haryana government has decided to cull poultry birds in Barwala after some of them tested positive for the avian influenza. The Indian Express explains the culling operation:

What is culling?

Mass slaughter of domestic poultry birds, such as chickens and ducks, to contain the spread of bird flu is called culling. During culling operations, all domestic birds in an infected area, i.e., an area in which a case of bird flu has been detected, are slaughtered and their remains buried.

In India, culling is done in a radius one kilometre from the site of infection, which is called the ‘infected zone’. This means all domestic birds present in commercial farms, backyard farms or live bird markets in the infected zone are culled.

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