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October 22, 2020 - BBC

EU asks: Is a vegetarian sausage really a sausage?

EU asks: Is a vegetarian sausage really a sausage?
Vegan plant-based sausage rollsCredit: Fry Family Food Co.

When is a sausage a sausage? That's what the European parliament will be voting on this week.

A group of farmers are hoping a bill will be passed that would ban vegetarian products from being called sausages or burgers. They say the measure is needed to prevent people from being misled into thinking the products contain meat.

But environmentalists and medical professionals believe such a ban would be a step backwards. Vegetarianism has grown in popularity in recent years, with vegetarian and vegan products becoming an increasingly common sight in shops and on restaurant menus. They are often marketed as veggie or vegan burgers - something the farmers want changed.

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