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vegan news anti-speciest news animal rights news


May 09, 2019 - The Ecologist

Environmentalists go nuts over almonds

Environmentalists go nuts over almonds
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There is a considerable body of evidence that shows a vegan diet - consisting entirely of plant-based food - to be the most environmentally-friendly off-the-shelf diet around.

This is fundamentally due to the fact that eating animal products is an inefficient way to obtain calories and nutrients. For every 100 calories fed to a farm animal, only 12 calories are retained in animal products such as meat, milk, cheese and eggs. This is because an animal uses the energy obtained through eating plants for warmth, movement and other bodily functions.

Plant-based diets cut out the middle animal and obtain energy and nutrients directly from the plants themselves. This means that entirely plant-based diets use 76 percent less land and up to half of the greenhouse gas emissions that a standard western diet generates.

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