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June 04, 2019 - Female First

Eight women who are changing the world for animals through food

Eight women who are changing the world for animals through food
Credit: Erin Ireland, To Die For Fine Foods, Vegan BakeryFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Let us celebrate the lives of women at the forefront of animal advocacy.

While hatted restaurants and celebrity chef titles are dominated by men, it’s often women who are changing the game when it comes to food innovation and accessibility.

Through creative and delicious vegan cooking, baking, cheese-making, plant-based meats and nutritional education, women are transforming the way we think about the food on our plates. With innovation and purpose, women are setting the agenda for the plant-based food movement and are bringing compassionate eating into kitchens around the globe. In their hands, food becomes a means of powerful activism, inspiring people worldwide to rethink their food choices and habits, and changing the world for animals in the process.

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