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March 19, 2019 - Humane Society International

Eight reasons to eat plant-based and save water for World Water Day 2019

Eight reasons to eat plant-based and save water for World Water Day 2019
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A plant-forward diet can cut our water footprint in half.

For World Water Day on 22 March, Humane Society International is urging consumers to eat a more plant-based diet to help combat the significant contribution to water scarcity across the world. Water security is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet, so World Water Day is the ideal opportunity to tackle one of the biggest causes of water usage – meat, dairy and egg production. 

With more than 83 billion animals reared and slaughtered globally for the food industry every year, industrial scale animal agriculture impacts our environment in enormously detrimental ways. Research shows that switching to more plant-forward diets could cut our water footprint in half, so by changing our diet to reduce or replace meat, dairy and eggs with more water-friendly plant-based foods, we can all help to preserve the world’s water.

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