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July 13, 2020 - Huffington Post

Eating Meat Isn't Just Unethical – It's Suicidal

Eating Meat Isn't Just Unethical – It's Suicidal
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Imagine a world in which humans had never eaten meat. Then, one day, a big food company announces their new range: they’re going to sell animal flesh products.

The adverts say they’re going to kill 70 billion land animals every year – 90 per cent of them from intensive factory farms.

They accept it will cause huge pollution and climate change, but dinners will be tastier. They say it will cause occasional food poisoning and probably some pandemics, but there’s going to be a salty version of pigs called “bacon”, and we’ll love it.

Would any of this sound like a good deal to you?

Would you buy the food and support the industry? Think about it, because this is what you’re doing if you eat meat or dairy.

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