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August 09, 2020 - The Indian EXPRESS

Do animals understand the concept of freedom?

Do animals understand the concept of freedom?
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Since time immemorial, we have kept animals prisoner to our whims and fancies.

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdowns kept nearly the entire population of the world incarcerated in their homes, cartoonists have had a gala time showing animals strolling “downtown”, peering into our windows and passing snide comments. There have been any number of videos also depicting much of the same — deer jaywalking on the streets, bears disporting themselves in people’s lawns, leopards sneaking around on the lookout for pet dogs and so forth. Some of us huffed and puffed indignantly — how dare these wild things infringe on our personal spaces, quite forgetting that we were the ones who turfed them out of what were their homes in the first place (I hate crocodile wranglers so much because they jump on the backs of crocs and bind them up with rope and duct tape just because they’re reclaiming someone’s swimming pool, where once a lovely marsh used to be).

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