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August 07, 2020 - Centre for Nutrition Studies

Diet & Human Ecology – How to Eat Right & Save the Planet

Diet & Human Ecology – How to Eat Right & Save the Planet
Plant-based foodCredit: Vegan Richa

The biosphere is a delicate and dynamic system of energy, organic matter, and inorganic matter.

When we disrupt any part of it, the results ripple out and have far-reaching effects, often seemingly unrelated to their source. Human activity is one of those seemingly unrelated sources for most of the problems in the modern world.

War, degenerative disease, the mass extinction of animal species, and the pollution of the oceans all trace back to us. We have failed miserably to create a way of living that produces a healthy life for ourselves and the world at large. We need a healthy human ecology, a way of living that assures future generations an opportunity to grow and prosper. We need to do it now. We are running out of time.

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