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September 06, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Denmark's first vegan political party features Gronnere Koncert

Denmark's first vegan political party features Gronnere Koncert
Credit: Veganerpartiet

A new Greener Concert in Copenhagen brings together green promoters for climate, animal rights and public health.

Grønnere Koncert or Greener Concert, was held yesterday September 5 in Copenhagen. It was organized by Veganerpartiet, Denmark's Vegan Party to focus and unite people on green initiatives in Denmark.

This first time event brought together musicians, environmentalists and grassroots green promoters for climate, animal rights and public health. The 5-hour one-day festival and support concert at Vesterbro featured lots of music, short fire talks and inspiration for how we together can create a greener world.

The musicians at Greener Concert, play to spread the green messages exclusively. The profits go to strengthen the Vegan Party's work to disseminate knowledge about veganism and the plant-based diet's benefits to the climate, public health and animals. The main name Sys Bjerre plays dance with a lot of other vegan artists. Uffe Elbaek, The Green Student Movement and Fridays for Future are talking.

Hear Maku Olena perform The Voiceless - Grønnere Koncert 2019 with credit to Tonya G for song and lyrics credit to Veganerpartiet for the Festival.

Workshops, which offered free access for everyone attending the event included, Extinction Rebellion, Why Civil Disobedience?, Spread the Message, Anonymous for the Voiceless v / Malte Clausen, and two from Peter Kalmstroem of The Animal Party, Environmental Impact of Meat and The Liberation Pledge.

About The Vegan Party

Veganerpartiet is Denmark's new green party, founded by Michael Monberg and Henrik Vindfeldt. The party works for a better climate and environment, better public health, animal rights, and sound use of resources and to eliminate human exploitation of animals.

"We started the party because we didn't see enough political attention being directed towards the horrible conditions these animals go through to become nothing less than pizza topping nor the major impacts it has on the environment and on public health. It is known that animal agriculture has a large negative impact on the environment and that consuming animal products leads to many lifestyle deceases. We want to inform the politicians and the public about the benefits of veganism for the environment, public health and ethics and to introduce ethical legislation that complements this", says Henrik Vindfeldt, co-founder of Veganerpartiet.

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