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October 15, 2020 - PETA

Debate Kit: Are 'No-Kill' Policies Killing Animals?

Debate Kit: Are 'No-Kill' Policies Killing Animals?
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Responding to the companion animal overpopulation crisis is a hot topic in classrooms and among members of the public.

We know that many schools assign debates on topical issues in order to help their students learn to speak and write persuasively, develop research skills, and recognize the various sides of a controversial or multifaceted issue—and the question of how animal shelters can reduce animal suffering while managing an influx of unwanted cats and dogs is certainly such a topic. This debate kit has a list of resources that can be shared with students to help them make the argument that “no-kill” sheltering policies have unintended consequences and increase animal suffering—and that a socially conscious sheltering model provides greater benefits to animals and the rest of the community.

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