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June 11, 2019 - Forbes

Dairy And Meat Alternatives Stay On Top Of U.S. Food Investors’ Mind

Dairy And Meat Alternatives Stay On Top Of U.S. Food Investors’ Mind
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A new report tracking the U.S. food and beverage investment in 2018 reveals about one-third of the total funding went to dairy- and meat-alternative products, with other categories, including CBD, keto, chips and salty snacks, also receiving a decent amount of investment.

The report, compiled by Ryan Williams who directs finance and special projects at Rise Brewing Co., was published on Food + Tech Connect in June. It notes that 2018 saw $1.45bn invested across 200 disclosed transactions in total, with the largest deal involving a $114m funding to the plant-based meat producer Impossible Foods, followed by $108m invested in Ancient Nutrition, $75m that went to Vintage Wine Estates and $65m raised for Ripple Foods.

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